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HE Conference at the UEA

Along with other Year 10 students from across Norfolk, a small group of interested FAN students, including some undertaking their YouthSTEMM Award, attended the above event at the UEA recently.  The event gave students a chance to take part in a couple of workshops of their choice and have a look around the campus.  This is what one of the students, Molly Alcott, had to say about her day spent at the UEA:

“On Friday 13th January I went to the UEA to see what university life is like. I went as part of my STEMM ( science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine) Award. The day involved two lessons and a tour of the campus.

My first lesson was about behaviour change (Behavioural Science). The main focus was about what makes people decide if they use the escalators or the stairs and what could affect their decision. Even though it was still a lesson, it felt really different to what an average high school lesson feels like. For example you didn't have to put your hand up to speak, you just said what you thought. Also instead of the teacher getting out individual whiteboards and pens, the walls had been painted with a type of paint that acted like a whiteboard so we just wrote on there! The whole lesson made me feel really independent and grown-up. Even the teacher seemed to be really included in the discussions with the other children.

After my first lesson we had a tour of the UEA campus. We went to the Sainsbury's Art Centre and had a look in there, then we went to the accommodation for the UEA students. Each student had their own bedroom and bathroom, but shared a kitchen and lounge with about seven other housemates. Apparently it's a really nice thing to do because it's like living with your friends.

When the tour around campus has finished, we were taken into a lecture theatre where we were told about everyday life as a student. I found out there are over  two hundred societies/clubs and about sixty gigs per year. I was also told there are over 2,000 courses to choose from to study!

My last lesson was about energy systems and climate change (Natural Sciences). Here I learned about how energy is stored and what affect it has on climate change. I discovered that 98% of the energy used in a light bulb is wasted! Again we were treated like adults and the same 'no hands up' rule applied.

Overall I left the UEA feeling inspired and 100% sure I want to go to university!”