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The goat to present

Sustainability. The buzz word in geography and in much of society today. Certainly anyone studying geography from year 7 to 13 should know what it means and maybe also be able to spell it! One of my very favourite examples of sustainability is Oxfam Good Gifts. There are other charities that do the same but if I have to teach sustainable aid, enabling the poorest of countries to sustainably move away from abject poverty in a dignified way I turn to the Oxfam Good Gifts web site as a teaching tool. And so it was that I did this just before Christmas with my Year 13 class, and as it happens almost every year that I do this, students ask if we as a class can buy a goat. We did. Year 13 have a class goat somewhere in sub saharan Africa. One goat will provide milk, grazing and baby goats for a poor family. The baby goats can then be sold for money, keeping one or two, and then the older goats may end up on the dinner plate of the family. Once the goat chain has begun then a family have resources that can help them to slowly move out of poverty. Simple. Helping people to help themselves.

This first happened to me around 2008 when my Year 8 class clubbed together to Send a Cow. Nine years on students at Fakenham Academy have donated to a similar cause nearly every year. What a generous bunch of people you are.

Mrs Hirst, Teacher of Geography