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Friends of FAN Host Annual Quiz

Fakenham Academy Friends staged their quiz on Friday 30th September. This annual event, now in its third year, attracted 17 teams who had a fun-packed night. There were 10 rounds on subjects such as History [favourite of the Principal], superheroes, geography, tv soaps and much more. The creator of the quiz, Mark Campbell a former student of Fakenham High School whose children have also attended the school, had gathered together some easy and some extremely challenging questions. 


Such as:


When was the Domesday Book finished? 


Which superhero gets his power from a ring?


Which famous sporting event took place in November 2003?


[The answers are 1086, Green Lantern and The Rugby World Cup Final]


It was a fun evening that helped raise over £400 for the Friends who are using the money to support the school to buy items that would not normally be purchased such as new grips for badminton rackets [over 40 students play badminton twice a week with Mrs Price], new music stands to support the additional music events the school has and a number of science "G Balls" which measure the time taken for a ball to fall and students are able to use these to assist in their gravity experiments.


My personal thanks to Mark Campbell and to all the Friends who do a brilliant job supporting the Academy. The next Friends event is the North Norfolk Christmas Market held at Fakenham Academy on Saturday 5th November from 10am to 3pm. Everyone is welcome


Matthew Parr-Burman