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FAN U14 Rugby v Reepham

The last game of the U14’s pool required a trip to Reepham, whom the boys were relishing the prospect of playing as previous games had been rather one sided in Fakenham’s favour. The game kicked off on a very wet and windy afternoon and went straight to flanker Arminas Dovainis, who ran the ball back hard and fast, darting his way through defenders and across the pitch. As often happens when Arminas gets the ball in space, this resulted in a try.

Fakenham continued to show a fantastic defence and ran the ball back hard when they retook possession, resulting in many tries being awarded. The pick of ones, arguably, in the first half came from Nathan Hann who went through several defenders like a bowling ball, clearing people out of the way like bowling pins. The score at half time was in the region of 30-0, testament to Fakenham’s hard work in attack and defence.

The second half continued in similar fashion with all students getting a chance to play and show what they can do in a variety of positions. Despite making numerous changes, Fakenham still pressed hard and scored further tries from different players. The end result was 49-5.

Further harder matches await Fakenham as they will now progress into the top pool and take on the other top performing schools in Norfolk. Next game is a friendly against Alderman Peel on Wed 21st Nov.