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FAN Students Visit The Big Bang Exhibition

The Big Bang trip was a fun, interesting and inspiring school trip that we are definitely not going to forget any time soon! There was an extraordinary amount of variety with the activities they provided. For example, we went from being in the International Space Station to going in the first ride in the Bloodhound SSC racing car through virtual reality. We gained so much knowledge through this fun and thrilling experience.


Each stall had its unique purpose. For example, in the Halford University of technology, they had a challenge to stack as many wooden cubes on a programmable moving wheeled vehicle before they fell off. Another fun experience was a display in Specsavers, as you got to see the layers of your own eye and how they are constructed in a lot of depth.


One thing we enjoyed the most was visiting the International Space Station through a film. We has to enter this blueberry bouncy castle looking thing in order to view the film that was showing at the top of the dome. Another one of our favourites was the Help Save the Planet stall. One activity we would have to do was compete against another school to get all of the plastic out of the water tray as quick as possible. We also had to write a note of how we should help the planet. Many answers consisted of “cut down on carbon dioxide emissions” and “ban single-use plastics” which was brilliant to see.


This trip was like being in a new world as it was so surreal. There was never once a moment when we were bored as there was so much to do. I have gained a lot of knowledge and understanding through this trip as it helped me link what they were showing to what I have being doing in school. It was a day where everything clicked. The best part was that you learned without realising it!


By Mollie and Ella