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FAN Students take part in Norfolk Partnership Games

On Friday 3rd March the following students who had earned the right as one of the top 6 rowers in North Norfolk were heading to the UEA in Norwich for the Norfolk Partnership Games. The highlight for them was been driven by Mrs Price. Honestly.

The Students were Cameron Baldock, Joe Lockhart, Joanna Barton, Shea Durrant, Sam Cushion, Scarlett Curl, Charile Fish, Harriet Baldock and Annabel Nash. Unfortunately for Josh, Joe, Jack and Megs from Alderman Peel they too had to experience the driving of Mrs Price!!  

I have to say Mrs Price drove fantastically well until we arrived in the UEA car park when she stalled the bus to the cheers of all the Fakenham Students.

We arrived at the UEA at 10am with the races due to start around 10.30am. The North Norfolk Partnership Team was made up of 9 students from Fakenham, 4 from Alderman Peel, 8 from Aylsham and 3 from Sheringham

7 other teams from around Norfolk were present, and the stage was set with 8 rowing machines side by side facing a screen showing the speed of each individual rower during the race.

Each team had to enter individual rowers for each Year group. 6 Boys & 6 Girls all of which would make up the relay team at the end of the day.

The Year 7 & 8 had to row 500m and Year 9 & 10 1000m and the winner was the first across the line.

The races were all exciting with all members cheering on their team at every race. Suddenly schools were working together. Fakenham were cheering on Alderman Peel and vice versa.  

In the dividual races all Fakenham rowers gave their all as every point they earned amounted to the overall score.

The most outstanding results for Fakenham were Cameron Baldock who won Gold in the Year 9 class and Shea Durrant who won silver in the Year 8 class. Cameron was even approached by Norwich Rowers Club due the time he finished the race.

In the Relay races however all 6 rowers had to row twice to finish their race, changing after a set distance. The change overs were crucial and North Norfolk were spot on. The effort by all competitors was fantastic and they deserved their wins.   

Charlie Fish & Sam Cushion won Gold in the Year 7 & 8 Boys Relay

Harriet Baldock, Annabel Nash & Scarlett Curl won Silver in the Year 7 & 8 Relay

Joe Lockhart & Cameron Baldock won Silver in the Year 9 & 10 Boys Relay and Joanna Barton won Gold in the Year 9 & 10 Girls Relay.

Due to ALL their efforts in the individual and relay races NORTH NORFOLK were also crowned the BEST PARTNERSHIP ROWING TEAM winning the most points in all races.

The day was finished off with a trip to McDonalds and even the Alderman Peel Rowers took home a McDonalds balloon ha!!

Great Day was had by all.


Mrs Price