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FAN Students 'Swim the Channel' for Aspire Charity

On the 12th September 2016, our family started a sponsored swim challenge in aid of Aspire.  We decided to take on this challenge because we wanted to help this charity with their fundraising.  

Aspire is a charity for people who have been paralysed by spinal cord injury.  In the UK someone is paralysed by spinal cord injury every 8 hours.  This changes everything - many spinally injured people are no longer able to return to their homes, continue their jobs or travel as they did before their injury.  Aspire’s aim is to help these people gain their independence.  

The money we hope to raise will go to help fund wheelchairs, sports equipment, assistive technology, independent living advisors and welfare benefit advice services.

The challenge involved us swimming the length of the English Channel (22 miles) at our local swimming pool. Our local swimming pool is 25 metres long meaning in total we had to swim 1,416 lengths. We had to complete this by 5th December 2016, this gave us 12 weeks.

In our first session we swam a total of 128 lengths. The next day we were all feeling tired from our effort on the first session.  During the next couple of sessions our adrenaline kicked in and by the third session we were at a total of 445.  After session six we were well over half way, and feeling confident that we would complete this challenge within the deadline.  Towards the end of the challenge, it started to become more difficult, with the strain on our bodies.

Session ten, mum worked out that we had only 150 left to do!  We could see the finish line.  As we swam the last few lengths we felt proud that we had accomplished our challenge!

We are still collecting in sponsors and our total is approximately £300 .

Thank you to everyone who sponsored us. We are very grateful for your support.

By Ella and Kayleigh Scallan