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FAN raises awareness of dangers of Sexting

On Friday 7th July, our School PCSO Stacey Barnetson, delivered presentations on Sexting. These covered the definition of sexting, how to report incidents if you have been sent an image or another person has asked you for one and the possible action that could be taken by the Police against those who become involved in sexting. The issue of consent was also covered with a fantastic video that is based around offering someone a cup of tea (search Tea Consent on youtube).  Each session lasted 1 hour and the students found the presentation very informative and engaged well.  

The Pastoral Team reminded students that they can report anything they are concerned about to us and that if they become aware a friend may be involved in a sexting incident to report it. This can be done by either coming to the Pastoral office and speaking to one of the team, or by using the 'I Need To Talk' button on the FAN Portal page. It's extremely important not to keep this information quiet as they do not want to upset their friend as it could be that their friend is too frightened to report it themselves and will therefore not get the support they need.

On our Pastoral Twitter page we regularly re-tweet tips on Social Media use for students and parents so give us a follow!