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FAN Code Club Game Making

Jack has been learning lots of fun things about the Microbit at Code Club on Monday lunchtimes. He has made a Reaction Game and a Fortune Teller game. This week he finished his Frustration game. This is the kind of game you see at fairs where you have to navigate a metal loop along a curving course to get to the end, each time the loop touches the course your score goes up by one. The code was fairly straightforward but we had to make a "course" and that was a bit tricky! Mrs Gray had a go with a couple of wire coat hangers but we found that they are coated (with paint and plastic) and wouldn't conduct electricity. So, we asked for help from Mr Jary who made us a lovely course - with a loop!! Jack's Microbit with its code worked brilliantly but getting along the course will take a bit more practise!