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Fakenham students take part in Computational Thinking Competition

This year, for the first time, I decided to enter our KS3 students for the Bebras Challenge (6 – 17 Nov 2017; This is an annual Computational Thinking Challenge undertaken by students all over the world and it involves figuring out puzzles and applying logic to find solutions. We had a practise session and all the students loved the activities and really enjoyed the challenge of them. For our second session, students logged in and the Challenge began. Students had just 40 minutes to complete as many tasks as possible, but there was no expectation that they would complete all the tasks. Students started out with a pot of points and gained or lost points as they completed or failed tasks. After a two-week wait we got our results and certificates. Everyone got a Certificate of Participation, a few received a Certificate of Merit or a Certificate of Distinction. Barney Barker, Daniel Harrowing and Freddie Vassallo (Year 8) all scored 125 points and received a Best in School Certificate in the Intermediate category. Our highest scoring students were in Year 7: Archie Cockrel (130), Jack West (135) and Jasmine Biddulph (143). The highest score in the school was also a Year 7, Millie Delaney received a Best in School Certificate for her fantastic score of 151. Well done Millie! I’m really looking forward to doing the Bebras Challenge again in 2018 and I know that many of our students are too.


Mrs S Gray