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Fakenham Sixth Form Student Hosts French Visitor

Fakenham Sixth Form was very lucky to have the visit of Joséphine, a French Year 13 student, who had the chance to stay with Holly Wilson. Joséphine enjoyed her English stay very much and was even able to give a hand in the Year 11 French class. We hope to hear more about her and her friendship with Holly in the future, as Holly is going to stay with her next year. Best of luck to both of them for the upcoming exams!

Joséphine has written an account of her visit to Norfolk for our newsletter:

My name is Josephine Raithier and I am 17 years old. I live in I live in a town called Muzillac, one hour from Nantes, in Brittany, France. I have one sister and one brother. I’m here for two weeks with an amazing family, the Wilsons. They live near Fakenham. I am on an exchange with Holly Wilson because of the collaboration between Muzillac and Fakenham. The last week, Holly was on holiday, so we went to Norwich to do some shopping with her friends, we went in the beautiful beach in Wells with her parents and her dogs and we went to restaurants to eat fish and chips and pancakes. It was a very cool and interesting week. The landscapes are pretty in this part of England. This week, I was in Holly’s class in this College.

I like the College in England because the students have four or five hours of lessons, contrary to in France, where we have 8 periods in College. Finally, tomorrow, I will go to London-Stansted airport to go back home. Next Monday, I going to go to my College. It’s a super experience for me for learn the English and because I am going to take the Political Science test in May and it includes an English test. It’s very interesting to discover a new culture. I think it’s hard to speak in English but it’s very important for learn a new language. I hope I have made progress during these two weeks and in France, I will continue to watch films in English to keep up my progress.

 Miss Rose.