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Fakenham Sixth Form A Level Geographer’s Article Published In Geographical Association Journal

A Fakenham Sixth Form A Level Geography student, has had an article on their Non Examined Assessment published in the Geographical Association’s ‘Teaching Geography’ Spring 2019 journal. Gemma Gibson, presently a Year 13 student studying A Level Geography, has shared her experiences of completing her Non Examined Assessment with geography teachers across the country. The ‘Teaching Geography’ journal is published quarterly during the year, sharing best practice from teachers on a wide range of different aspects of teaching and learning in geography. Gemma, through the encouragement of her teacher, has published her experiences of completing her independent geography investigation at Sheringham and Salthouse on the north Norfolk coast. This included a range of both human and physical geography fieldwork and investigative techniques. Following on from two previous ‘Teaching Geography’ articles written by staff and a former student at Fakenham College/Sixth Form on fieldwork on the north Norfolk coast, Gemma has detailed how ongoing guided reflection upon her geographical knowledge, understanding and skills allowed her to develop, enhance and complete her independent investigation over nine month period. Gemma stressed the benefit of piloting a range of investigative techniques in February, strengthened through in-class cross-topic teaching in the intervening months, before returning in July to complete her investigative study. This approach was designed not only to improve the quality of independent geographical investigations, but also to develop and secure synoptic links between a range of physical and human geographical topics operating at different scales. Gemma’s insight will be valuable to other teachers, showing the real benefit of local areas studies which are given an extended time period in order to strengthen learning. Gemma is now working towards her final A level examinations, before moving on to study Geography at Nottingham University.



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