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Fakenham Geography Reaches Out To Astley Primary School

I have once again had the pleasure of working with Year 5 students at Astley Primary School, Briston, contributing to their work on studies of rivers. At Fakenham Academy and College, we have considerable experience in fieldwork as well as having access to our own professional surveying equipment. I was able to use these, to place Astley's work on local rivers into a global context. With knowledgeable questioning by the students, I was also able to introduce how rivers are studied as systems, with inputs and outputs striving to achieve a long term equilibrium through feedback processes. As a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society, my aim is to share my own geographical expertise, experience and interest with as wider audience as possible. I feel it is important to engage students of all ages in their learning, building their interest and equipping them with the ability to think critically. This should also work both ways, with questioning by Year 5 students and explaining A Level concepts at an accessible level being a different style of challenge to myself. The Year 5 students at Astley were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and a pleasure to teach. I look forward to working with others in the local community, to enhance geographical learning for a wider range of students.

Colin Bye, FRGS. Head of Geography. Head of Humanities, Social Sciences and PE Faculty.