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Fakenham Academy Students Take Part In Norwich Science Fair

Norwich Science Festival-


On Wednesday 19th October a small group of Year 9 students, Mr Hewson and Ms Stone went and visited Norwich Science Festival. When we arrived we walked down to the 6th form where two presentations took place. First we listened to three college students talk about their trip to Switzerland to visit and find out more about the Large Hadron Collider.  They expressed to us how much of a good time they all had, learning about their passion (physics) which many of them find extremely difficult but also they had an amazing time learning about the culture and “trying to communicate with people from a different country.” They inspired many people to stick with whatever you learn in science despite how hard it may be, because maybe one day we could be them, going off to a different country and exploring science.


The second presentation was from Dr Marty Jopson from ‘The One Show’ on BBC1.   He addressed conundrums such as, What really makes cakes rise? Why do soap bubbles burst? And how do you get the quartz out of a clock using a hammer? We all learnt a lot from the different experiments that he demonstrated to us and how science is all around us in everyday life! Great day had by all!!


Leyla Durrant.