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Fakenham Academy Open Evening 2016

Wednesday 12th October was our Open Evening for Year 6 students and their parents. We had a packed hall with over 320 people and the evening ran from 6-30pm through to 9pm for those who wanted to stay until then. The evening opened with a musical item on the trumpet from Jonny James [accompanied by Sylvia Newton, Head of Music]. Clearly we could have had our choir, jazz band, big band and any number of ensembles but many thanks to Jonny for opening the night so well. This was followed by a short speech from the Principal and then a far more interesting one from the Head Boy and Head Girl. Max and Kiera bluntly and honestly told it how it is. They covered all the positive experiences they had had here to date, subjects they were studying for GCSE and their ambitions for the future. Rightly they received a rousing round of applause for their excellent speech. Mrs Hart followed on explaining how we support Year 7 students with our Transition programme and the formal part of the evening concluded with a look at one of the many films about the Academy that are available on the website.


Year 6 with their parents then toured the Academy at their leisure and experienced a range of subjects. Food tasting in Catering, quizzes in a range of subjects, a whole host of science experiments too. The Head Boy/Girl challenge was to visit ten subjects, get a card stamped as evidence and then return to the Hall for a prize. Over 140 were handed out.


A great night and my thanks to all those staff and students who took part. Particular thanks to...


Fakenham Garden Centre for their floral display.

Kiera and Max - great speech!

Ann-marie Thompson for her organisational skills.

Adam Ulph - super quick on so many things.

Jenn Hart - general enthusiasm and all around passion


Report produced by

Matthew Parr-Burman