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Fakenham Academy Norfolk Gains National Recognition For Good Diabetes Care In School

Fakenham Academy Norfolk has been awarded the Good Diabetes Care in School Award from Diabetes UK, demonstrating the care provided to children with diabetes in school. 


The award follows a nomination from Lisa and Gary Wakefield, parents of Lewis, who has been a student at Fakenham Academy Norfolk for the past two years. “It is difficult to single out the best thing that the school does for us and Lewis. In summary, it is the reassurance that they always provide an environment in which he is safe and secure. As parents of a Type 1 child, often the most challenging thing is to not let diabetes take over all of our lives and to worry about it 24-7. Lewis goes to school knowing that he will receive the back-up and support he needs, and that everyone ‘gets’ what his condition means.  As parents, we know that we do not need to worry when Lewis is at school which is hugely reassuring. Staff are fully trained in all aspects of Type 1 and can provide support in all areas”.


Mr Colin Bye, Head of Humanities, Social Sciences, PE and MFL Faculty, completed the submission for the award following the nomination. “I am proud of the ongoing work at Fakenham Academy Norfolk, to support students with Type 1 diabetes. I work closely with Lewis on a day-to-day basis, supporting him with the management of his blood sugar levels. I am committed to Type 1 diabetes not being a barrier to learning, both within and outside the classroom. The management of Type 1 diabetes is a learning process, and as with any form of learning it is about students becoming increasingly independent but still having support when it is needed. I welcome the recognition that this award brings allowing us the opportunity to share our experiences with other students and parents”.


Supporting people to live a healthy life with diabetes is being further highlighted in August 2019. Jacqui Waring, Assistant Head at Fakenham Academy Norfolk, will be walking the 70 miles of the Cumbrain Way across the Lake District, raising money through sponsorship to support the work of Diabetes UK. Details of how to sponsor this walk can be obtained from Fakenham Academy Norfolk.