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Explanation of report grades Year 7-11


Attainment Grades
The government has removed national levels of attainment. To replace these, we have developed a
grade system that matches the new grade at GCSE level. These go from 9 (the highest grade) to 1
(the lowest GCSE grade). Below a grade 1 we also have R3 (just below Grade 1) to R1 (the lowest
grade we give on reports). All the academies in the TEN group use this system.

Whilst these are GCSE grades we recognise that not all students will take all subjects at GCSE level.
Therefore, these grades in Years 7, 8 and 9 give an indication of the likely grade that a student could
achieve at the end of the year, if they continued to work in the way they currently are in the subject.
This is reported as ‘End of Year Estimated Grade’.

The ’Current Working Grade’ is the grade we think students are working at, as suggested by all the
different assignments they have completed.

Target Grades
We are required to set a target grade for every student in each subject. These target grades are
based on the national KS2 tests that each student takes at the end of primary school. These target
grades are aspirational as we want our students to be the best they can. Targets for students who
did not sit KS2 test have been formulated by subject teachers based on their performance for their
first half term at Fakenham Academy.