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Employer lead sessions in Product Design

We are always looking for ways in which we can make learning interesting and relevant for our students in addition to giving them opportunities to explore where their next step may take them.

Our Product Design GCSE students were recently treated to a very special 'lesson' when Mandi Cleyndert from the locally based Bill Cleyndert and Company, and one of their Apprentices, Henry, came in to school.

Bill Cleyndert and Company is a leading British manufacturer of bespoke furniture, cabinetry and specialist joinery. Mandi gave the students an overview of their business including some of the very high profile projects they work on for some very well known clients.

Mandi also stressed how important it is for their company to employ and train a steady stream of enthusiastic young people, so they make sure they continue to offer Work Experience and Apprenticeship opportunities.

Henry, who is originally from Guernsey, told us how his love of working with wood and his desire to further his skills had led to him writing to at least fifty different companies until Bill Cleyndert gave him his chance. Henry had brought in a jewellery box which he had made during his first year as an Apprentice to show off all the skills he had learned.

Mandi and Henry also brought in lots of samples of carvings, finishes and decorative effects they use for students to examine and ask questions about. Mandi finished by stressing how important any type of work experience is both for young people and employers.

In the future we hope to be able to take a small group of more interested students to actually visit the workshop at Bill Cleyndert and Company.

Big thanks to Mandi and Henry, our students really enjoyed it!