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Easton College Taster Day March 2017

 A group of Year 9 and 10 FAN students recently took part in a Taster Day organised by Easton and Otley College at their Easton Campus. The students participated in a range of workshops and activities:

1. An Engineering workshop where they worked on electronic circuits relating to the lighting systems of a car - this included wiring up headlights, brake lights and indicators. It was all very intricate and the students had to carefully follow the instructions. Once they had been walked through it by the tutor, pairs of students had to then replicate it by trying to remember and figure it out again for themselves. A real test of memory, problem solving and teamwork! "The engineering electronics was a lot of fun" said some of the students afterwards.

2. A Livestock workshop. The students were taken to the farm and were shown into the orphaned lambs pens. The tutor talked to them about how the orphaned lambs were cared for including feeding them and teaching them how to suckle. Each student was able to feed the lambs with a bottle before being shown some lambs being fed through a tube directly into their stomach. "The sheep orphans are fed every 3 hours including overnight" we learned. We then went into the pig pens and saw the pigs who were being fattened for slaughter.

3. After this we were treated to a free hot lunch in the Campus Refectory. "The lunch break was great, the food was delicious and there was a wide range of food, for example beef burgers, chips and other items. It was great." The students got to have their lunch alongside Easton College students and see for themselves the wide range of people of different age groups who go there.

4. A Campus tour including the Sports facilities and Animal Care Centre. "I enjoyed the tour around the campus because it was very packed full of interesting buildings. They had several tractors that we jumped in, a massive inflatable tennis court, and a building full of interesting animals. My favourite was the Bearded Dragon" "The air tennis court is the only one in Norfolk and it is held up by air."

5. A tour of the Construction facilities. "Carpentry was very interesting because I would like to be a carpenter when I am an adult and the facilities have a lot of equipment in the carpentry room." "We learned a lot about the courses they do there and what you do on the courses." We also learned that in Construction everyone has to start at Level 1 as it is important that everyone learns the basics first.

6 A talk about the college and courses from Jess and Andrew who work at the college. After a final look at the tractor sheds we headed back tour minibus to return to school - but not before bumping into some of last year's Year 11s who now attend Easton College. It was lovely to see them and hear all about how much they were enjoying their studies at college.

A huge thank you to Jess from Easton College who looked after us so well during the day, answered all our questions and who made the day so informative and fun.