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Daisy The Dog Says Woof (Goodbye) for the Summer!

Our Pets as Therapy friends Daisy the Dog and Jacqueline her owner came to see us for one last time this year, and this time she was the one giving out the treats, as well as receiving plenty herself too! Daisy and Jacqueline presented our readers with certificates and goodies for their participation in the Pets as Therapy scheme. Daisy certainly loved all of the extra attention she received that day, we even managed to get her to sit still enough to take some lovely photos! Thank you to Daisy and Jacqueline for coming in to spend time with our students, you have made a valuable contribution to our school community and we look forward to seeing you again next year! Thanks also to Mrs West our Librarian for organising the appointments and pairing our students up each week with Daisy and Jacqueline.