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Curriculum Enhancement Week 2017

All students will have now received a CEW booklet, however it can also be viewed in PDF format here

To secure your place on your chosen activity, please return the form to Reception as soon as possible and no later than Monday 28th November 2016.

Failure to return this form may result in you not being placed on your first or reserve choice.

Deposits or full cost must be paid by cash or cheque and enclosed in a trip envelope before or on the 28th November 2016.



1. To choose carefully one activity and one reserve.

2. To complete this form and return as soon as possible.

3. Trip envelope will be returned to you as a receipt.

4. To make any cheques payable to FAKENHAM ACADEMY.

5. That once you have chosen and paid for your deposit or the full cost you are committed to that activity.

6. More trip envelopes are available from Reception.

7. The final payment for all activities is Monday 24th April 2017


If you have any queries, please contact the CEW Team at Fakenham Academy on 01328 857112

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