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Cryptography Competition

Over the last two weeks of the Spring 1 half-term Computer Club ran a Cryptography Escape Room competition, a follow-on from the first Cryptography Challenge last November.  Students had to decipher clues using their knowledge of cryptography. This meant they had to learn how to use several cryptographic tools as they went along - with lots of help from Simon Singh’s Black Chamber!  Hints and tips were available if they got really stuck! Each day a new clue was posted in the Computer Club Classroom. All the deciphered answers had to be kept and brought along to the Computer Club (the Escape Room!) on the last day.  

The decrypted answers could then be used to open various boxes and baskets to retrieve keys to open more boxes and reveal the contents inside - another box and another key!  Once all the boxes were open the last box contained the Final Challenge!

Students then had to go to the Library to find a specific book and a page in that book to complete the Final Challenge!


Walter and Russell (very sensibly) worked as a team to decipher the cryptography challenges and worked as a team to escape the room and solve the Final Challenge.  Both boys got all the correct answers to the cryptography challenges - makes using them easier if they are correct! - and opened the boxes and found all the keys. Then they had to complete the Final Challenge.  They completed the Escape Room part of the challenge in 19 minutes 30 seconds!! A super performance.


If you would like to try the Cryptography Challenge or the Escape Room challenge then all you have to do is join the Computer Club Classroom ( g0tlai ) and you’ll find both challenges listed there.