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CEW Activity - Out and About

Out and About 2016

Monday 18th July - Oasis Alive

Everyone was excited for another busy day. We quickly hurried onto the bus in order to arrive at Hunstanton on time. When we got there, the sun was shining and it began to get very warm. We headed towards the skate rink and after we were all fitted up with roller skates, we slowly made our way onto it; some shuffling along the floor in order to make it on without toppling over! After about half an hour many of us were able to find our feet and had gained enough confidence to at least get from one side of the rink to the other. However it took others slightly longer to master the skill, but by the end nearly everyone was gliding around even with slightly sore knees! After Several hours getting hotter and hotter in the warm sun, on the rink. We decided to cool off in the swimming pool. After lunch we got changed and jumped in! By the end we were all exhausted but happy.

Finally, after a short but disgusting encounter with a seagull, we hopped back onto the bus slightly damp but cheerful!

Tuesday 14th July - GoGo Dragon Trail,Norwich

Before setting off to Norwich for the day, we had no idea what we were about to do. After a long and protracted nagging of the staff. It was revealed that we were going to Hollywood! … cinema, in Norwich. The film was kept a mystery right up to the end of the credits. And there it was … “Secret Life of Pets”. We sat attentively and chuckled our way through the very amusing feature film about the escape of two dogs from their apartment and how they navigated their way home. Buster was the star of the show with his sausage dog antics. 

After this enjoyable start, we walked in to the city centre from the cinema … it was scorching! 

After an initial briefing from the staff about conduct, we were allowed one and a half hours to wind our way through the retail shops, catching Pokemons along the way. Some of us (lucky ones) had some pennies to spend and Primark clearly had a good trading afternoon! A really lovely day in the best of weather conditions. The bus turned up promptly as we approached Theatre Street.

Wednesday 20th July - Pleasurewood Hills

The final day of our CEW week had begun and everyone was eager to end a brilliant week with an equally brilliant day. Once we reached Pleasurewood Hills, everybody was keen to get off the bus and, once inside, rushed to get on any ride of their choice. The day was spent screaming, laughing, eating and with friends. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day. 

Whether they went on the smallest, slowest ride or the biggest, scariest, fastest ride. At the end of the day, as different groups of friends shared their experiences with each other, we climbed on the bus; some slightly dizzier than others. Many fell asleep on the journey home as the rest shared their favourite memories of the week. A suitable enjoyable ending to an  equally enjoyable week. When we got back to school, the staff ensure that no trace of regurgitated food was left in the coach and to end it all, Mr. Halfpenny uttered those utterly brilliant four words … “SCHOOL’S … OUT … FOR … SUMMER”!!