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Celebrating the European Day of Languages


Monday 26th September 2016 was the European Languages Day, where every school in Europe celebrates foreign languages.

This year, students at FAN were presented with two different challenges:

The first task was to  translate foreign proverbs and to illustrate them. The best ones would then be put on display in the corridor or in the classrooms.

The second one was quite new and required students to record themselves after practicing some tongue twisters with  their languages teachers. Students came to be recorded by the languages Ambassadors at lunchtimes for a full week and did as many tongue twisters as they wanted, and they could do them on their own, with a friend or as a group! The amount of people taking part was very impressive but what was most striking was the genuine enjoyment and enthusiasm that these keen linguists showed throughout the week.

A big thank you to all students and staff who took part and who made this event such a lovely and funny experience!