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Because One Goat Is Never Enough

In December we were learning about the Development Gap between countries and looking at how we can do things to enable the lives of children in less developed countries to be improved. One way in which to do this is by giving aid but it has to be done sustainably. This means that it can be a simple way in which to involve people in their own decision making, enabling them to generate their own income, put food on the table and learn to cope with the challenges that they face in their lives.

Mrs Hirst’s Year 8 class voluntarily donated a little money each to Oxfam Unwrapped, a charity that sends aid abroad. We were really excited to find that we had raised enough money to send two goats (it was quite difficult to wrap them) to a village. The goats not only supply a family with milk to drink and sell, manure to grow more crops but they also come with business training to help the family get a good price for the kids when the goat couple have them. Thoko, a goat couple owner in Malawi simply says “things are better with the goats”.

Well done to all the kids who took part, human and animal!!

Here's a link to explain how it works: