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Author Terry Sewell inspires next generation of writers at FAN

It is almost 50 years since he walked the corridors of his former school.


But this week saw author Terry Sewell return to his past stomping ground to inspire the next generation of budding writers.

It comes following Fakenham Academy’s World Book Day celebration, which was postponed following the severe weather brought in by the Beast from the East earlier this year.

Mr Sewell was invited to give a talk to the pupils about his career. He was also on hand to present certificates and copies of his book, and he was also given a tour of the school which he left in 1970.

Standing in what used to be the staff room during his time there as a pupil, but is now a state-of-the-art library, he reflected on the changes over the years.

“There have been so many but they are all for good,” he said.


“I still see quite a bit of the seventies buildings and the form rooms look pretty much the same. The layout of the main school is like walking into yesteryear. But there is much more modernisation with new technology and the library.”

Recalling his childhood, Mr Sewell remembered the nearly three-mile walk to school from his home in East Barsham, which he would do twice a day after chores such as cutting wood and feeding the animals.

Growing up in the village meant Mr Sewell “did not have a lot to do in the evenings” and he turned to writing as a form of entertainment and escapism, writing his first poem at the age of five. He later found joy in reading when he was seven years old, after he received a copy of Enid Blyton’s Shadow the Sheepdog for Christmas - instead of the train set he had hoped for.

Fakenham Academy Year Seven student Dylan English who wrote a story in the World Book Day 200 words competition. Picture: Ian Burt

“After I was sent to my room for telling my parents what I thought of my present, I had nothing to do in there apart from read the book.

“Reading that, I just knew one day I wanted to be a writer.”

Mr Sewell published his first book in 2016.

He added: “It was always my ambition to be a successful writer and to give happy endings.

Author Terry Sewell handing out a prize to Year Eight student Alice Hobbs at the Fakenham Academy, who wrote a story in the World Book Day 200 words competition. Picture: Ian Burt

“I am pleased to be able to inspire the children.”

Mr Sewell is currently working on his next books, which he hopes to publish later this year. The first book is a love story entitled Bernadette, the second is a Christmas-themed tale about The Snowgirl.