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Astronomy Event

Last week the Year 7 students at Fakenham Academy Norfolk experienced an inspiring and wonderfully interesting series of Astronomy and Cosmology events. 

Matt Bothwell of the University of Cambridge gave an assembly and then some lessons covering the solar system and galaxies in our universe, to all of the students in Year 7. 

Matt said " it was wonderful to see so many Year 7 students fully engaged and asking such brilliant questions about life on other planets." 

Kris Marshall-Smith, Head of Science said "For all of our Year 7 students to have the opportunity to listen to and ask questions of, someone who has worked in Astronomy and Cosmology for years is a brilliant idea. We are very grateful to the University of Cambridge  and the Kavli Institute of Cosmology for this chance. The Year 7 students thoroughly enjoyed the event and were inspired."

 Comments from Year 7 students included - That was so cool I had no idea there were so many planets out there that might have life on them. 

I would love to become an astronomer one day and look for life on other planets.