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AS/A Level Geography Fieldwork

Where’s the storm, Doris? Doris, where’s the storm?

AS/A Level Geographers completed their fieldwork on the north Norfolk coast in February 2017, studying the impact of storm surges on beach levels at Sheringham, Weybourne and Salthouse. This is the fifth year that detailed surveying work has been carried out at these sites, now allowing the impact of both the 5th December 2013 and the 13th January 2017 storm surges upon these beaches to be quantified. The depletion of the height of the shingle ridge at Salthouse over this five year period has been dramatic, now be encompassed in our extended fieldwork studying flood risk in Salthouse village.

Our students were able to apply our effective questioning approaches, as shared with FAN Staff through whole school INSET, to independently develop and implement their own fieldwork studies. I was very impressed with the accuracy of surveying work, which was quantified during subsequent data analysis.

For the first time ever, we were stopped in our tracks by severe weather. We had already postponed and rescheduled fieldwork before Storm Doris struck, resulting in 80 mph wind gusts at Weybourne on a day when we should have been completing coastal fieldwork.

Thank you to the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm, for sponsoring the purchase of the fieldwork equipment required for this fieldwork, Chris Dolby of the Sheringham Shantymen  for helping us deliver the fieldwork and teach ‘Changing Places’ and Richard Cook, Civil Contingencies Manager, North Norfolk District Council for helping us through rescheduling his input due to the impact of Storm Doris.

Mr C Bye, Head of Humanities


Students had good things to say about their fieldwork experience:

"The geography fieldwork here is fascinating with real world application, it's just brilliant" - Cameron Sheppard

"The AS fieldwork showed me a lot about the North Norfolk coast line, specifically Salthouse,  and how much it has changed over the past 5 years. It also helped me understand the impacts of what a changing coastline could have on the residents of Salthouse." - Michael Viner