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An Afternoon Tea Event, BY FAN Y10 Catering Students

As part of their Level 2 Award in Hospitality and Catering, Fakenham Academy's Y10 Catering Students organized an Afternoon Tea event for staff and guests on the second of December. All 30 students took part in the event, for which they had been planning and practicing for since October. The students worked in small groups to produce a dish suitable for serving at afternoon tea. They each practiced making their chosen dishes and were asked to adapt their recipes to cater for larger numbers of guests, and also to accommodate differing dietary requirements.

On the day, the students again worked in their groups, this time producing their dishes in bigger quantities, they had just 2 hours cooking and preparation time before their guests arrived at lunchtime. All of the students worked exceptionally hard to accomplish their bakes, and also to lay tables, arrange the products on plates and cake stands, fill sandwiches, decorate cupcakes, assemble macaroons and so much more.

As the bell rang for the beginning of lunch, our staff and guests begun to arrive. Some of the students assisted in waiting on the tables, serving drinks and talking to our guests whilst others assisted by clearing up in the kitchens, washing up and cleaning away after the event had ended.

With our guests full, and our washing up bowls finally empty, we sat down and enjoyed an afternoon tea ourselves, and talked about what we had just achieved, and how much we had enjoyed it.