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8SC Beta visit Langham Glass

8SC Beta visited Langham Glass in Fakenham to experience glass making as part of the materials topic they are currently studying.

We went into a big room which was really hot and listened to a presentation by a man called Andrew. He showed us what the raw materials (silica sand) looked like and talked about how it was heated to around 1200 degrees Celsius.  He then showed us how to make different shapes with the glass and the tools they used to make them.

He first showed us how they make glass elephants and a vase, then a snail. He used giant tweezers to make the eyes. He also showed us what happens when you blow into a piece of glass. He blew into a tiny hole and the glass expanded into a huge bubble, he then put it near the floor and it smashed as it was so thin.

Then we met Carl and he helped us to make tea light holders with Andrew. Carl used the gathering iron to collect the glass, we chose the colour we wanted and then he helped us to turn the molten glass. He then put it into a mould, We could choose heart or star shaped. We then pulled down slowly on the lever and this pressed the glass into shape and made the hole for the tea light.

A couple of days later our tealight holders were ready, we were surprised to see how the colours had changed.

A big thank you to Langham glass for the excellent experience we had!

Miss Chapman, and 8SC Beta