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“Wild about the Wensum” - Volunteering at Pensthorpe

On Saturday 6th May myself  and my fellow students, Mark Tuck and Shannon Peeling, helped out at Pensthorpe’s “Wild About The Wensum” event . This year’s theme was “Endangered Species – Children in the Countryside”, inspired by concerns about how children’s experiences of  wildlife are decreasing because of technology all around us.

The focus was on ways of engaging or re-engaging children with nature and the natural world.

Our task on the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust stand, was to act as ambassadors for nature and the Wensum. Throughout the day we greeted children and adults, invited them to our stall to write down what they were going to do that day and let them decorate a figure with their own personal choice of coloured background. This helped us build confidence with our people skills even if we did want get rid off the irritating sound box. We also met zoologist and Cbeebies “superstar” Jess French - whom the children were thrilled to meet-

and joined her on a special adventure looking for bugs around the park.

Overall I found the experience really helpful.  It strengthened my people skills and I enjoyed meeting a range of different people and having fun at the park - even though the weather didn't go quite to plan.

Curtis  - Year 12 student

Curtis, Mark and Shannon will all receive community volunteer certificates to showcase the hours they put into the event - Liz Burr Sixth Form Support Tutor