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‘Renew Your Future Energy’ Day A Huge Success

Year 9 students at Fakenham Academy were able to gain real-life insight into the design, operation and marketing of renewable energy from offshore wind farms, through a hugely successful ‘Renew Your Future Energy’ day held at Fakenham Academy. The event was delivered by Carole Opie-Baker, Rich Finn, Zoe Leeper and Matt Neal from the Mason Trust, joined by Roy Wilkes and Connor Hallin from Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm.

Students learnt about the day-to-day operation of the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm, together with having the opportunity to try on personal protective equipment used by the technicians when they work offshore.

Students then worked in teams of five, to design their own wind turbine constructed from Lego, test the efficiency of this turbine and store wind energy in a battery pack, At the same time, other team members worked on the location of their offshore wind turbines to form a wind farm and marketing of their design. The whole proposal had to be costed, with students aiming to make the maximum profit for their team. The battery packs from the wind turbines were then installed into cars made from Lego, with these cars being raced at the end of the day to determine the overall winner.

The winning team of Year 9 students was Josh Edwards, Ethan Macdonald, Josh Ireson, Charlie Cutler and Tom Mapplebeck.

Ths STEM (Science, Technology and Maths) activity, combined with studies of the environmental issues in the design of an offshore wind farm, is an excellent example of work-related learning which is delivered through the curriculum at Fakenham Academy. Thank you to The Mason Trust and the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm for a memorable day which excited and engaged students in learning, whilst opening their eyes to future career pathways through the use of the The Mason Trust icanbea website at


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