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Introducing the College Council

Introducing the College Council


Hello, I’m Toby Collins - Events Manager for the college council of 2017. My role is pretty much what it says on the label, I ensure that everything goes ahead as planned for events, which the council helps to set up. I stood for the council as I wanted to do something for the college, hopefully making it an even better place. I will be around, asking others opinions on what sort of events they would like to see their council organise over the next year. Don’t be afraid to come up to me and give your ideas on this matter.      

Toby Collins - Events Manager


My name is Tom Daly, and I am the newly elected Chair of the College Council. My role will involve taking on responsibility for the wonderful team I will be working with this year.  We are aiming to host a range of exciting events for our selected charity – which you will be able to vote for in the coming weeks. We will also be gathering together your suggestions and ideas for the move up to Field Lane. 

Tom Daly - Chair


I am in charge of administration within the council. I ran for election as I think in any organisation, or business, it is crucial to keep communication lines open. The college council is that much needed bridge between the student voice and staff, and it is our job to keep a good balance on both sides of the bridge to ensure the college is the best it can be. This year it is essential that communication lines stay more open than ever as we venture into a new stage of the College’s life. I hope my passion for the ever growing potential of the students, staff and facilities we have here at Fakenham College will aid us in the coming year, during which new challenges and exciting prospects will be ventured.          

Issy Duncan- Administration


Hello, I am Callum Gray and my role in the college council is publicity. I will be making and putting up posters for events, special occasions and any other important fundraising events for our selected charity. I stood for the council because I wanted to help the students craft the college they wanted and promote a positive image. I will be informing college students on what events will be taking place and the dates they will occur. 

Callum Gray - Publicity

Hello, my name is Dominic and I will be your Vice-Chair for the coming year. I will assist with the majority of actions undertaken by the college council. This will include the picking of, and fundraising for, our chosen charity in the year ahead. I am looking forward to my time in council and taking on the challenges that arise.    

Dominic Hancock - Vice - Chair


I'm Millie and I'm responsible for  Student Liaison, which means I listen to the students and voice their opinions. I think that this job is especially important this year with the moving of the sixth form, as the students’ opinions will be vital in this process.    

Millie Latter - Student Liaison


Hello, my name is Tom and my role within the college council is Finance Manager. I stood for the college council because I wanted to help shape the new environment at the Field Lane site. Over the next year, my aim is to assist in the smooth transition of the college. Additionally, I wish to help raise money for our chosen charity and for College facilities. Finally, as a group, we wish to increase the profile of the council within the college and the local community.      

Tom Lockhart - Finance


Hello, I’m Michael and my role in the college council will be looking after facilities. I stood for the college council election because I wanted to represent the college and the students. Over the next year I hope to help with the transition as the college will be moving up to Field Lane and also help raise as much money for charity as possible.

Michael Viner - Facilities