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Exam Results

Key Stage 4

Once again we are tremendously proud of the achievements of the students and staff at Fakenham Academy Norfolk.

In an academic year of much uncertainty movement of GCSE grading, specification and assessment, students at FAN have excelled themselves in their exams. 

Overall results have improved in many key areas, but what is most rewarding to see is that our initial Progess 8 score (a measure used to show much each of our students have actually learned, relative to their starting position) has risen to 0.15*.

This key measure shows that students of FAN strive to reach their utmost potential in all subjects at GCSE level, and FAN continues to be the school of choice for progress within the local North Norfolk area.

Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students!

Measure 2017 2018
APS on entry 27.5 27.06
Progress 8 0.03 0.15*
Progress 8 -0.46 -0.12*
Basics 61% 58%
Basics (disadvantaged) 33% 41%
9-5 Eng/Maths 36% 35%
9-5 Eng/Maths 21% 7%
9-4 English 71% 73%
9-4 Maths 70% 64%
9-5 English 59% 61%
9-5 Maths 42% 39%


Key Stage 5

We are extremely pleased with the progress and achievement of our sixth form students. We take students with a wide range of ability and support them to gain qualifications that will enable then to move onto the next step. For many this means university and all of our students who applied gained a place with 90% of those achieving their first choice. Other students moved onto apprenticeships and employment. ALPS places us in the top third of schools nationally for progress. Students who study at Fakenham Sixth Form make better progress than they do in many other schools.

Measure 2017 2018
Progress for A-levels -0.12 -0.06
Average grade for A-levels C C
Progress for Applied General -0.47 Not yet released
Average grade for Applied General Distinction+ Distinction-
Progress in English +0.09 +1.14
Progress in Maths +0.38 +0.90
A level results only - VA    +0.01
A level results only - Avg grade   C+


* Progress scores not validated yet for 2017/18, estimates are usually very close.