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Exam Results


Once again we are tremendously proud of the achievements of the students and staff at Fakenham Academy Norfolk.

We have achieved above national average results in most areas which is especially pleasing given the changes in the exams this year.


2017 Results : Key Stage 4


61% of our students achieved at least a grade 4 in English and Maths.

36% of our students achieved at least a grade 5 in English and Maths.


In English 71% achieved at least a grade 4, with 59% getting at least a grade 5.

In Maths 69% achieved at least a grade 4, with 42%  getting at least a grade 5.


Overall 64% of all exam results were a grade 4 (C) or better.


Progress 8: +0.03 which is above the national average


Attainment 8: 44.1. National average is 44.6.


The % of students gaining the EBacc is 15% at a standard pass and 13% at a strong pass.


The latest destination figures are for 2015/16. This showed that 90% of students remained in education with only 10% not staying in education. 


2017 Results:Key Stage 5


Progress for A-levels:-0.12  

Average grade for A-levels:C


Progress for Applied General: -0.47

Average grade for Applied General: Distinction+


Progress in English: +0.09

Progress made in maths: +0.33



Those staying in education: 61%

Those not captured or in employment: 38%