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Epic Studios Work Experience

I went to Epic studios, an events centre that hosts and broadcasts concerts and stage performances, for my work experience. I chose to go there because of my interest in a career in working in media production of some kind. Despite not knowing what field of media production I wanted to follow, I thought going to Epic studios would give me a much better idea of what working in the industry would be like and what field I should pursue. I was surprised to find that the experience was even more helpful and fun than  I expected! I got involved with a huge range of activities, from managing camera gels to working with the sound engineering department to painting. I learnt that one of the largest benefits of working in media production is the variety of activities and kinds of people you meet.


One of the aspects I enjoyed most was the people I interacted with at Epic. The technical team I worked with had a range of ages and personalities, this made me feel comfortable early on as some members were not much older than me but it also gave me the opportunity to learn from the more experienced team members. Everyone there, including the boss Chris, was so inviting, it was clear that they all enjoyed working there and that a major factor in that enjoyment was their hard working yet friendly community.


I urge anyone who is interested in media production to go to Epic for their work experience as well. Media production is such a wide career path that  any experience that sheds light on what path you want to travel is invaluable.  Any opportunity to learn more, especially in a practical setting like this that school just can't provide, should be taken.


By Mark Tuck - Work experience at Epic studios July 2017