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Emergency First Aid

A select 25 Year 12 students, who had signed up to complete a first aid course,  spent the day at the Conference Hall on the old College site. By the end of the day we had all gained a Level 2 qualification for First Aid within the workplace. This is just another  example of the many things that the Sixth Form offers outside of A-Levels and everyday study. Over the course of the day, we learned and practiced correct methods of CPR, while being taught how to correctly acquire and use a defibrillator. During the day we also became knowledgeable on how to respond to other emergency situations such as; how to use an epi pen, the signs of someone having a stroke and how to properly treat someone with a severe bleed. All in all, it was a very informative and useful day. Thank you to Mr Auris, our trainer, for making it a fun and enjoyable day.

By Georgina Frary - Year 13 student