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Election of new Sixth Form Council

Sophie Brown- Chairwoman

Hi, I’m Sophie and I am the Chair of this year's student council. As the Chair it is my job to represent the Sixth Form at events like open evenings. I am studying both English Literature and Language and Drama at Fakenham. In the future I would like to go on to study English Literature and Creative Writing at Uni. My hobby is writing and I spend most of my free time working in a pub. I hope to see you around!


Riley Donohoe-Vice Chair/Facilities.

Hello, I’m Riley and I'm  joint vice chair and look after facilities on this year’s council. As the Vice Chair it is my job to help represent the Sixth Form at events like open evenings. I am studying Drama, Film and Media. When I leave Sixth Form I would like to go on to Drama school or Uni.

Ollie Flint- Vice Chair/Facilities

Hi, I’m Ollie and I am  joint vice chair and look after  facilities this year with Riley. I am studying Geography, History and Psychology here at the sixth form and I hope to study the latter in the future. I hope we can really make a difference with our fundraising this year, and even possibly beat last year’s high total.

Lily Stagg- Secretary

Hi! This year I am secretary on the sixth form student council and aim to be positive, proactive and cheerful in working alongside both staff and students to help improve the Sixth Form environment. I am currently studying English Literature, Psychology and History, with the hope of studying Law at university.

Rhys Ward-Treasurer

Hi my name is Rhys Ward and I’m in charge of the money—nothing majorly interesting other than this I’ll be helping other members of the student council when they need it. One thing I do hope we as the student council can do though is help others in the Sixth Form express their views, be it on fundraising or certain events, as we don’t wish to drown out the voices of others.

Dayne Herring - Social media

My name is Dayne Herring and I am in charge of the social media side of the council. I will be setting up a twitter account and dealing with many emails sent from students and teachers.

Eleanor Kerr- Student Liaison.

I am the student liaison on this year’s student council. We meet fortnightly and will use this time for work and discussion. So if you have any issues or suggestions surrounding Sixth Form speak to one of us and we can bring it up. I’m studying English Literature, History and Geography. I look forward to helping the sixth form community improve.

Zacci Harrison - Publicity

Hi, I am Zacci, your publicity person for the council this year. I'm here to hear your views on how we can improve our sixth form so you get your say on how we can adapt the sixth form to make it better than it already is. I`m  studying Biology, Chemistry and BTEC Sport. I hope to go on and study medicine at university. I`m looking forward to giving back to our sixth form community.


The charity which has been voted for this year is BEAT - the UK’s leading eating disorder charity. This is not only to raise funds but also to raise awareness. When asked in assembly only one year twelve student out of around 80 knew what this charity represented; this is alarming seeing as over 1.6 million people in the UK suffer from some form of eating disorder especially as those aged between 14 - 25 are most vulnerable.This year the sixth form will be undertaking a number of fundraising activities in order to raise the money this charity deserves.