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Director, Screenwriter and Ex Fakenham College student, Will McGregor returns to Fakenham College

I experienced Will McGregor’s visit on the 11th November 2016 as part of his presentation to Year 12 and 13 Film Studies students. During the hour we spent with him he told us about how he started with a hand held camera and made his way all the way up to cinema cameras. Will then showed us one of his first pieces of film and how he used resources around him, such as his dog and father, to create a script. After time his budget got bigger and his experience and filming improved. Will took his career in small steps by starting with book advertising and then moving on to bigger things such as advertising for Pepsi and Capital FM. Finally, after proving he could stick to a budget well and produce great pieces of film, he reached what he was after... TV. Examples of his work  are “One Of Us” and “Poldark”.

The whole experience of meeting someone who started off where we are and following his dream to be a director was a real inspiration and anyone who wants to follow a similar path to Will should try starting with small competitions like he did. Time may seem frustrating but when the moment arrives it’s all worth it. Opportunities to meet people like Will are rare and being able to experience his presence really was enjoyable.

  Curtis Walter, Year 12 Film Studies student.