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Cambridge Subject Masterclasses

On Monday 5th March, Max and I participated in the STEM Cambridge masterclasses - the day consisted of a brief introduction, tour of Gonville Caius college, free food in the main hall, a brief rundown of the interview process and two subject masterclasses.

The trip was very useful as it gave an insight into what lectures are like at university and what Cambridge is looking for in applicants, which should help us in hopefully securing a place next year. If anyone is looking to study at Cambridge, or any other competitive Universities, this day is perfect for you.

Max’s day

One of my lectures was about physics. In this lecture I was shown how x-rays shone through a diffraction grating give out different patterns which was especially interesting as, it is part of the Physics A Level course.  We were then shown how this lead to the discovery of DNA by Watson and Crick as the levels in DNA are an organic diffraction grating. Crick was one of the students of Gonville and Caius college so there were many monuments to commemorate him.

Anthony’s day

I participated in an Engineering masterclass - this lecture focused on new engineering methods to help with health. One of the examples was using tubing in arteries to stop the arteries from closing up, which would reform to the same shape at certain temperatures so that it would not need replacing after wearing out due to plastic deformation. The masterclass also showcased how useful basic Lego machines can be in a lamb - using an example of a machine that dipped a specimen in protein and calcium repeatedly to create a synthetic bone overnight. The masterclass was very informative and also gave me an idea of what it would be like to study engineering at university.

Max Hallam and Anthony Swain

Visit to Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge - Arts and Humanities masterclasses

On Tuesday 6th March, a group of Fakenham sixth-form students visited Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge to take a tour of the campus and experience lectures about various humanities subject. It was very useful and interesting to have a chance to experience the prestigious university site, to help inform our future decisions both about the possibility of attending Cambridge and of which courses to take.

The one-hour lectures were an introduction to each subject led by an expert, who we were able to ask about specific parts of the subject, about the application process and about general life at the college. In addition, we also got the opportunity to ask first year students at the university about what everyday life was like at Gonville & Caius to build a full picture of what studying there would be like. It is important to visit university open days when considering future prospects and this day allowed us to consider if Gonville & Caius College is the right place for us. 

Gemma Gibson