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Big Day out in Dereham for Year 13 Psychologists

On Wednesday 14th March, Year 13 psychologists went to Dereham Sixth Form to attend a revision conference in preparation for our final exams.  We listened to Professor Jean-Marc Lawton break down essay writing, short answer questions and comprehensions.  This greatly benefitted us as it gave us a deeper understanding of how to answer questions in an exam style.  He also furthered our understanding of applied knowledge of case studies and experiments.  As well as Fakenham Sixth Form and Dereham Sixth Forms being present, Thetford, Open Academy, Taverham and Lowestoft Sixth Form were also there, meaning there were approximately one hundred students attending the Conference.

We received a booklet of course notes which includes a hefty amount of revision material.  This was broken down into memory, attachment, the biopsychological approach and the social learning theory.  It was an intensive session with a few short breaks.

The whole day was topped off with a lunch time trip to McDonalds to undertake an observation of conformity in practice, in terms of how normative and informational social influences are an integral part of our daily routines no matter how apparently mundane, such as ordering takeaway food