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College Council

The College Council is a small committee that organises and coordinates events to raise money for a chosen charity and the College Fund which is used to subsidise improvements to College facilities. The College Council has been running for many years and the members of the Council are elected via a student vote.

Within the Council there are 8 members who each perform a specific role.

  • Finance - College Council financial affairs and keep track of spending.
  • Admin – Council paperwork and writing the agenda and meeting minutes.
  • Teacher Student Liaison - Listening to the requests of the student body.
  • Marketing - Promoting events and advertising.
  • Notice board - Maintaining the College Bulletin to keep students informed.
  • Website - Maintaining the Council’s subpage on the College website to keep students updated with the College Council’s actions.
  • Facilities - Identifying areas of improvement with regards to the College facilities eg music practice room or sports equipment.
  • Purchasing - Decide what the Council funds should be spent on.

After the first term the members of the Council elect a chairperson who is in charge of keeping the council organised and running the meetings.  This is an important role within the Council and is a highly responsible position.

The College Council plan events throughout the year from bake sales to summer bonanzas in order to raise money for the Council’s chosen charity, as well as the annual Christmas meal and Year 13 leavers do. These events are run by the whole Council but coordinated by a specific member. As well as running their own events the Council also makes appearances at other local events such as Wild about the Wensum at Pensthorpe, open evenings and taster days.